what is a vpn Why is Paladin Premium VPN free?

Our partners cooperates with PaladinVPN and pays for your free premium VPN subscription. Our partners gathers information available on freely accessible websites.Our partners pay for the right to access the web through your device whenever it is available. The access to the internet via your device allows you to enjoy the free VPN. Information collected includes prices of products, car rental prices, flight prices, and other publicly available information from many websites. Big brand companies, universities, banks, and other trusted institutions use the collected data to improve their services and offers.

best free vpn Are you collecting my data?

100% no. PaladinVPN nor Our partners is interested in your data. We do not see nor do we log any of your data. We have a 100% no-log data policy.

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Paladin VPN protects your privacy by encrypting your data. It unblocks any site within seconds to ease your access anywhere at every time. With us, you have secure, safe, and unlimited web surfing.

Now enjoy all paid VPN features with a free VPN

Enjoy anonymous, uninterrupted browsing. We don’t even need you to signup, and we do not want your email.

Why use a VPN?

PaladinVPN is your free premium VPN provider protecting your privacy.

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PaladinVPN secures your identity by blocking the disclosure of your actual IP address, so you remain anonymous.

private internet access

PaladinVPN encrypts your data which secures your internet connection, so nobody can look into your activities, read messages, read emails you sent...

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Paladin VPN allows you limitless access to any website from all over the globe, connecting you to the free internet anywhere you want. Enjoy freedom from censor ship and local restrictions.

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Security tools powered by PaladinVPN

“What is my IP” A Free security tool offered by us to check your IP address.

This tool will help willl show your public IP address, your geographic location, and your ISP (internet service provider) in the most user-friendly way.

PaladinVPN is a free VPN service to hide your public IP address, and geographic location, and protect your internet connection.

PladinVPN proxy servers are optimized to perfectly protect your privacy and security.

To ensure your privacy we do not store your browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries. We have a zero log policy.

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Security Features

Customized protocol

PaladinVPN uses a customized protocol for the best protection of your privacy and data. The protocol has been tested for a very long time and has proven to be effective.

IKEv2 protocol to be added soon.

PaladinVPN is Free, Simple & Easy to use.

100% free VPN, no information required, go incognito within a matter of seconds.
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