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Five Reasons to use a VPN

VPN is not an alien thing for today’s internet users. The number of VPN users are increasing every day but a few years back, there were hardly any users of VPN. Even today, there are many people who aren’t familiar with this term. The rising popularity of VPN raises the questions of what is a VPN and whether you should use one.

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that works as an intermittent service between you and your host site. It can provide a safe mode for surfing the web as it gives you privacy and data security. When used correctly, a VPN helps keep your connections secure and protects your device from prying eyes.

Apart from security, it has numerous other benefits that are making this service worth using. Here are some of the top reasons people turn to VPNs in their home or business lives.

Security on Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is convenient but comes at the expense of security. When you’re answering emails at a local coffee shop or absent-mindedly scrolling through social media at the airport, someone may be tracking your online activity.

Using a VPN protects your data while you are on other networks, hiding your browsing history, banking information, account passwords and more from ill-intentioned internet strangers.

Secure Your VoIP Calls

If you use VoIP to make overseas phone calls, you may have some concerns about security. And those concerns are justified, since VoIP calls are common targets for hackers.

Using a VPN while making VoIP calls solves this problem by adding a layer of military-grade encryption so you can talk to colleagues, clients, family, or friends without worry.


Another crucial reason that people choose to use a VPN is because it respects and preserves your anonymity. VPN allows its users to explore the internet from different location servers. This way all the traffic is directed to and from the server, and your location as well as identity remain anonymous even to the host site. This anonymity can also help protect you from targeted cyber-attacks as no one can trace your information using your personal details.

Even if you land on a malicious site while using VPN your identity will still be secured. There are hundreds of VPN providers that promise to give complete anonymity. Some provide their services free of cost while others charge a nominal fee for their service. It is worthwhile to invest in a reputable NordVPN for safer options than the free ones.

Smart Savings

If you are willing to put in a little research, a VPN can help you save money via its location spoofing capabilities. Many types of businesses, such as subscription services and airlines, offer the same amenities or products for different prices. If you change the appearance of your location to a place where services are offered cheaper, you can end up with big savings.

Block advertisements and online trackers
Using a VPN app on your iPhone 12 makes it harder for websites and online trackers to monitor your online activity.

This is because your IP address will be hidden, and trackers won’t target you with specific ads anymore.

Therefore using a VPN app on your iPhone will significantly reduce the number of targeted advertisements you see while browsing the web.

Besides this, many popular VPN apps even offer built-in options for blocking advertisements and trackers on your iPhone.

Turning on this option will essentially block all the ads on your iPhone, including the ones on the websites you visit and the apps you use.