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Your data is secured- we don’t want any of it

With PaladinVPN you are completely anonymous. Unlike other VPN providers we only know your IP address. We operate in compliance with GDPR/CCPA. For more informtion, please read our privacy policy, or contact us incase you have any queries.

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Complete control over everything

You decide to allow PaladinVPN to use your connection. You are the one who controls everything while using PladainVPN. Select if only seletcted apps use PaladinVPN or all apps. The decison is yours.

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Moral and ethical concerns

Our partners. strictly adheres to ethics and collects publicly available web data in a totally anonymous way and only from major well known sites. We screen our customers carefully.

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24/7 available for you

Concerns? Questions? We have a 24/7 team that can answer your questions. Our team is there to support you throughout your stay with us. Contact us using any of the mediums from the following source of communications: Skype or email.