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Academic Research

Researchers, data scientists, statisticians as well as universities require a vast amount of data for their research. Allowing them to gather data via your IP address ensures that they can gather accurate data for their research.

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Ad campaign verification

Most companies these days run online ad campaigns. These companies need to verify that the ads are displayed in the way they are intended to be. Bots often do not show the correct display of the ads. Accessing the web via your IP address will allow them to see the ads as they are displayed to regular internet users.

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Brand Protection

Brand and trademark owners are trying to find websites that sell counterfeits of their products. Example fake famous watches or handbags, designer clothes, and shoes... To do this they need to access the web from different locations and not just their office IP address.

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Price Comparison

You may already be aware that the same product or service is offered at various prices in different countries as well as on different websites. To offer their clients the best price possible they need to gather data from all over the web.

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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Depending on the location the search results of the big search engine show different results. For the companies to see how their website is ranked in a certain location they need to be able to access search engines from various locations. Allowing them to access the results via your IP address makes it possible.

What is our verification process for the use case?

Our partners has a very strict approval process to ensure only genuine and trustworthy companies and institutions are allowed access to the web via your IP address.

We do client verification and due diligence when onboarding new customers before they are allowed to use Our partners services.

Our partners monitors the traffic in real-time to ensure that all traffic is within the TOS. Companies not complying with the strict rules will automatically be banned by our system.

We also provide 24x7 online support when you have any complaints. We do not tolerate illegal behavior like downloading illegal torrents!