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Problem: Every website we visit is exposed to cookies and trackers.

ISPs (internet service providers) identify customers with the help of their IP addresses. They have access to their customers�internet traffic and can even log their customers ‘online activities.

Solution: PaladinVPN prevents the disclosure of your real IP address thus protecting your privacy and helping you remain anonymous.


Problem: Upon transmission of your data via public tunnels, there is a high chance that your personal, financial, and other information will be exposed. Protect yourself against cyber criminals.

Revealing your real IP address while visiting web pages can put you at risk of DDoS attacks.

Solution: Paladin VPN encrypts your data and secures your internet connection. This way no one else apart from you can read your messages and see your activities.

DDoS attackers can’t locate you with a hidden IP address, thus making you a difficult target.

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Internet Freedom

Problem: Some websites or services might be geo location specific and therefore are not available anywhere else.

Similarly, some information, new, and media content might not be available in some regions.

Solution: PaladinVPN allows you to get access to websites and other internet services from all over the globe without any censorship or interruption.

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All it takes is just a couple of seconds to go completely incognito. Access almost every website from IPs all over the world. Safe, easy, and free surfing over the plethora of websites on the internet.

So, get a move on and install the perfect VPN to unleash the internet.

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